Equus Lyrics by Ne Obliviscaris, from the album “Exul“.

Equus Lyrics

Our fields alight
Is this a dream?
Glowing inferno
Reborn, red dawn

Searing, auric chariot
(Life devoured)
With karmic wheels, they burn again
(The ruin, the blackened, these skinless halls)
(Bones laid bare, the bones of all)
(The garden deafened)
The karmic wheels, turning again
(To emerald’s end)

Breathing synergy
Wild winds away – to glorify
Through the ashen haze
Reborn, black gaze

Searing, auric chariot
(Flame-kissed manes)
(Winds cascading dawn of Boudica born)
With karmic wheels, they turn again
(Thе earthen canvas, rivers of scars)
(Coursing, hoovеs beating, breathless)
The karmic wheels, burning again
(Forgotten forever)

Burning again, they’re burning again
Burning again, they’re burning again

Her name is Mother…
Mother – And hell follows with Her

From ashen cities, grey auras, behold her pale horses
Framed by hell and veiled from heaven – this Pandemonium
Tears upon scorched dreams, pouring into chasms that seethe
Tidings tolled, too late, drowning as the shadows unfold

Running – wild resistance
Bearing – the weight of the world
Rearing from the ghosts of the past
Dancing in clouds, dressage to the nameless dead
Echoed cries cast into the air

Inhaling the spirit of rein and ruin
All the rage
Exhaling what remains of reason
And this misery

All these memories
Fleeing – dying
Are these memories all dreams?
All these memories
Fear and pain, all…
Never to be free
All these memories

(Fade away…)

Eyes closed to the sun, the sun
Lost in tears of silence


Song: Equus
Artist: Ne Obliviscaris
Album: Exul (2023)

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