Everything’s Fine Lyrics by Royal Blood, from the album “Back To The Water Below“, music has been produced by Royal Blood, and Everything’s Fine song lyrics are penned down by Mike Kerr & Ben Thatcher.

Everything’s Fine Lyrics

Turn down the lights
I must be dreaming
Half of the time
Stuck on a ride

Freezing the night
Stealing that feeling
Of everything’s fine
In a blink of an eye
There goes your life
Say your goodbyes

Erase and rewind
If seeing’s believing
I’m going blind
Cover my eyes

Midnight replies
Out in the ether
Wasting my time
Say I’m living a lie
While it’s passing them by
So don’t look behind
Everything’s fine


Song: Everything’s Fine
Artist: Royal Blood
Album: Back To The Water Below (2023)
Music: Royal Blood
Lyrics: Mike Kerr & Ben Thatcher

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