Faces Lyrics by ​​Young Thug, from the album “Punk“, music has been produced by Lee Major, Wheezy & Sean Momberger, and Faces song lyrics are penned down by Sean Momberger, Wheezy & Young Thug.

Faces Lyrics

This is what you need, need (Ayy)
I came with plenty racks
This is what you need
Wear my heart (Heart), on my sleeve (Hey)
Sit me down, baby, tell me what it is
Cross my heart, the door ajar unless it’s Bentley
Say you wanna turn my back, don’t go knock on my dawg door (Yeah, yeah)
I’m makin’ love to shawty, oh (Yeah)
Hey sis, spendin’ it up
Okay, you beat your cases and you don’t have to sell the can now (Sell the can now)
And her f*ckin’ ring look like the Grand Slam (Woah)
Oh, I’ma have to take a Bentley jet to transit (Woah)
Eat us some lobsters, just the bros, I left the hoes out
Lost thirty million this year and that’s with the shows out (Woah)
I told ’em put the rest of it up, we got to hold out
Got a few opp bitches tryna figure out where my show spot
Them racist pockets full of big faces
Get you paid quick, walk up on ’em and just face it (Bah)
Open cases, guess they thought I was somethin’ to play with (Woo)
Watch me falsetto out in Vegas with your lady (Woo)
Tryna rob, your chances are slimmer than Shady (Yeah)
She got her hair long with the Maisons on, no basic (Oh yeah, yeah)
Got me thinkin’ everybody ’round me cheatin’ (Yeah)
These ni**as basic, they need to face it
I’ma turn off the light
Lil’ shawty, is you breathin’?
Tell me if you caught a fever
Strictly f*ckin’ up every season (Oh)
I took a Roxy and it changed me
I took her out, she know the pain, baby
You a hard-headed ni**a, yeah, f*ck all that though
No back and forth with the mob ’bout them nothin’-ass hoes
No back and forth with the mob ’bout your ratchet ass, yeah
I hope you plan on growin’ up with your ratchet ass, yeah

Ah-la-la, la-la-la
Ooh, ooh, na-na
I don’t wanna give you no crown
Ooh, oh, messy with heartaches
My heart gone


Song: Faces
Artist: Young Thug
Album: Punk (2021)
Music: Lee Major, Wheezy & Sean Momberger
Lyrics: Sean Momberger, Wheezy & Young Thug

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