Fall Season Intro Lyrics by $UICIDEBOY$, from the album “YIN YANG TAPES: Fall Season (1989-1990)“, music has been produced by Budd Dwyer & Sam Bo Bachrack, and Fall Season Intro song lyrics are penned down by Aristos Petrou & Scott Arceneaux Jr..

Fall Season Intro Lyrics

(Like I said before, I’m the pimp, she’s the ho)
(Like I-Like I said before, like I-like I said before)
(I’m the—, like I said before, I’m the pimp, she’s the ho)
Grey*59 Records presents (Grey, Grey)
YIN YANG TAPES motherfucker (G*59)
From the year 1989 to the year 1990
It’s Fall season, we gon’ watch them all cry (I hear the wind pickin’ up)
From the Northside to the 7th Ward (North-Northside)
From the mothafuckin’ East bank to the West bank, bitch (7th Ward! Eastern Block second world shit)
Introducing Wetto and Blanco Leopardo (Wetto!)
$UICIDEBOY$ are back in the cut, bitch ($ui- $uicide!)
Hide your halos and sharpen your pitchforks
The year of $UICIDE is upon us (Ooh-ooh)
Let the slaughter begin! (Ha-ha-ha-ha)


Song: Fall Season Intro
Album: YIN YANG TAPES: Fall Season (1989-1990) (2023)
Music: Budd Dwyer & Sam Bo Bachrack
Lyrics: Aristos Petrou & Scott Arceneaux Jr.

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