Fallen Lyrics by Witt Lowry Ft. Deion Reverie, from the album “If You Don’t Like the Story Write Your Own“, music has been produced by Dan Haynes.

Fallen Lyrics


Kinda crazy to think at one point I didn’t know who you were
Now we can’t go to sleep without you stealin’ my shirt
And we can’t eat without you stealin’ off of my plate first
Last night, you asked why I love you and I choked on my words
I wasn’t the first to get to feel the warmth of your love
But I’m grateful that I’m here and not whoever it was
And I’m thankful that in you I found someone I can trust
Head over heels in love and realized I don’t tell you enough
So, it’s the way that you achieved everything they said that you couldn’t
The way that you’re still you even when nobody is lookin’
The way that you could have anybody and chose me
It’s that inflection in your voice when you’re doin’ somethin’ you shouldn’t
It’s the way you give and never ask for anything back
The way you show me love in ways that nobody else ever has
The way you always seem to pick up my slack
Don’t think that any song I’ll ever write will sound as good to me as your laugh
See, it’s the way you went above and beyond for my mom’s wedding
The way that when you win, you can never let me forget it
The way you always take the ride with me to see my dad
No, you never got to meet him but desperately wish you had
See, it’s the way you make up songs and you belt ’em out in the shower
Then tell me you’ll write my album, you’ll have it done in an hour
You’re funny, you always put makin’ memories over money
My favorite moments in life are the moments you say you love me, so

Show me your real love (I’ve fallen for you, I’ve)
(I-I-I, I-I-I)
Show me your real love (I’ve fallen for you, I’ve)
(I-I-I-I-I, I-I-I)
(Show me your real love)
(I-I-I, I-I-I)
(I-I-I-I-I, I-I-I)
(Show me your real love, love)
(Show me your real love, love)

Yeah, you’re the one that taught me home is not somewhere, it’s someone
I cherish all the memories we make, but I never wanna become one
To you, used to stay up on the phone until two
No need to post about your love on the Net when it’s true
The only person that I wanna prove my love to now is you
It’s the little things you do, how you light up every room
Set the bar over the moon, wanna tell you I’m proud
‘Cause I’ve seen you hit rock bottom and you clawed your way out
You figured it out when others would’ve threw in the towel
I know how easy it can be to be consumed by your doubt
The past me used to dream about the things I have now
But any plaque I have still don’t compare to seein’ you smile
And that’s real, I’m just spillin’ how I feel
Never one that could commit, that’s why I never signed a deal
But you changed me, don’t think I ever told you, but you saved me
I wanna tell you why I love you ’cause I haven’t lately
It’s the way you write me notes when I have to leave for a trip
I love the feel of your touch, I love the taste of your lips
Just being with you is bliss, I love our drives to the city
They never feel as long as long as you’re there with me, so
(Show me your real love)
I used to only think about numbers and winning Grammys
But lately, I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout you and me and a family
We haven’t scratched the surface of everything that we can be, so
(Show me your real love)
I love the bond I built with your sister, brother, and parents
The best part about all of this is we didn’t plan it
See, you deserve the stars, the sun, the moon, and the planets, so
(Show me your real love)

Show me your real love
(I’ve fallen for you, I’ve)
(I-I-I, I-I-I)


Song: Fallen
Album: If You Don’t Like the Story Write Your Own (2022)
Singer: Witt Lowry Ft. Deion Reverie
Music: Dan Haynes

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