Feel Like Prince Lyrics by ​Yung Gravy, music has been produced by ​d.a. got that dope, and Feel Like Prince song lyrics are penned down by Yung Gravy.

Feel Like Prince Lyrics

​d.a. got that dope
Woo! Woo! Woo!
Playa, woah! Playa, ayy! Playa, ayy!
Yeah-yeah, ayy! Woah! Ayy, yeah-yeah!

I feel like a prince when I’m back in Minnesota
Green and red Gucci on me, feeling like a joker
Feel like Chief Keef when I’m riding in a Rover
I feel like I’m you every time your bitch come over
I’m back in the kitchen, she on you like I’m a pidgeon
Full my position, I got too many decisions (ayy, ayy)
Should I phonita a Tita, my life like a mission
Smash your bitch: “nine-one-one, it’s been a collision” (ayy, ayy)
I’m losing my vision, wrist just won’t stop glistenin’
I’m fuckin’ the world, [?] craisin
Feedin’ the world, getting bread, feel like a Christian
Bitch it’s Yung Gravy, I got the sauce by dеfinition

Get money! Stack bread!
Stack cheesе! Mozza-rella!



Song: Feel Like Prince
Singer: Yung Gravy
Music: ​d.a. got that dope
Lyrics: Yung Gravy

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