Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Find Someone Lyrics” by an artist named Eric Bellinger. It’s part of an album called “The Rebirth 3: The Party & The Bedroom,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by Eric Bellinger & Spiff Sinatra, while the lyrics were a collaboration between Eric Bellinger. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Find Someone Lyrics

Cool when you find the one
When you find someone, mm
Good timin’, good alignment, ayy
You find the one (Ooh, ooh)
Cool when you find the one, ayy (Yeah, yeah)
When you find someone, mm (Ooh, ooh)
Good timin’, good alignment, ayy
Spiff keep one on the hip
You find the one, ayy

Marriage, ayy
Postin’ the carats, ayy
They just bein’ scary, ayy
They just bein’ embarrassed
That’s cool when you find the one
When you find someone, ayy
Good timin’, good alignment, ayy
You find the one (Yeah)
And everything’ll be cool
I’m tryna tell you what to do (Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ayy)
Woah, oh, oh-woah
Break up to make up, good sex, no fake stuff
You know, all I wanna do is (All I want), uh, argue (Yeah, yeah)
So I can turn around and, baby, just come get on top you, yeah, ayy
Just like that, hit it from the back
You know I just, mm, ayy
Rewind it, mm, yeah
Bad timin’, ayy, uh
It’s alright with me (It’s alright with me)
It’s all good with me (It’s all good with me)
Baby, you and me, makin’ history
In the bed, give me head
Upstairs, down on the counter
You know how I do, baby, I’ma be about an hour
I don’t wanna do one time
I just need to do two time like three time
Like Wyclef, hit it one time, two time (Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh-oh)
Ayy, yeah
Feelin’ real good (Good)
Ayy, just like I should (Should)
Yeah, came from the hood (Hood)
Ayy, way from the bottom (Down, down, down)
Yeah, now like “I got ’em” (Now, now, now)
Ayy, look how I top ’em, now they can’t stop him
Look how I drop ’em, Eazy, it’s so easy, yeah (Ayy)
Everything is off top (Top), ayy
Now you know that you believe in me, yeah (Yeah)
G-O-A-T, he the G.O.A.T, woah
Keep it goin’, don’t stop, don’t stop, yeah, yeah
Keep goin’, keep flowin’, I ain’t stoppin’ ’til they knowin’ (Ayy)
Who I be, it’s Eazy, ayy
Make sure you go to iTunes (Tunes), make sure you go find soon (Soon)
Make sure you rewind the tunes
I got plenty, got like thirty seven albums, many
And you can press play on any, ayy
Put it on shuffle, I’m penny, ayy, uh
Hana, yeah, ayy
Give me the chopsticks, sauna, yeah, ayy
Acapella, stop the beat, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah)
Tell your favorite R&B singer, don’t try this at home (Don’t try it)
‘Cause I’ma beat like JT but they gon’ be gone, gone, gone (Gone)
They gon’ be gone, gone, gone (Oh, oh-woah)

It’s Eazy (It’s Eazy)


Song: Find Someone
Artist: Eric Bellinger
Album: The Rebirth 3: The Party & The Bedroom (2024)
Music: Eric Bellinger & Spiff Sinatra
Lyrics: Eric Bellinger

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