First Date Lyrics by Manny Laurenko Ft. YN Jay, from the album “TACTICAL“, music has been produced by Manny Laurenko & Sebastian Shah, and First Date song lyrics are penned down by Manny Laurenko & YN Jay.

First Date Lyrics

Ayy, yeah
I told somebody I’ma make it out the hood but they didn’t believe
Alright, I told my nigga I’ma make it the hood, he said: “No, you ain’t”
Ni**a think he can shoot from deep, I said: “No, you can’t”
I could read a book while it’s (Alright)
I could read a book by the cover, I know you fake
I be in my own lane, I don’t wanna race
But if we was in a race, I’d be in first place
I just walked out on a bitch on a first date
I seen a good ni**a die the worst way
It was time for him to clock in like a workday
But somebody blew his candles out like a birthday
Before you disrespect me, you better show respect
Shoot him in his eyes, nose, mouth, don’t forget the neck
I hit a ni**a up top, forget the vest
I just think about some little shit but forget the rest
I’m the type remember small shit but forget the rest
Yop, okay
I’m in the backyard having dog fights like Mike Vick
Why you give dog the handgun, he drop sticks
Ni**a had some fake buffs on it’s not sticks
I just seen your bitch on the club on some thot shit
Leave it in the kitchen, go to sleep, and wake up on crockpot shit


Song: First Date
Artist: Manny Laurenko Ft. YN Jay
Album: TACTICAL (2023)
Music: Manny Laurenko & Sebastian Shah
Lyrics: Manny Laurenko & YN Jay

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