First Day Lyrics by OMB Peezy, and From the Album “Misguided“, Music has been produced by KeemTurbo, Prod. blackice, ReoN & Junar, and First Day song lyrics are penned down by OMB Peezy.

First Day Lyrics

Tats all on my chest and all
I can’t go no rest I’m going studio by myself, just me EJay I don’t need no help recordin’
I’d rather be myself cause niggas gon’ change if you ain’t already knowin’
I was outside while it’s pourin’

Should of never tried me in the first place
Jumped off the porch
Caught a body on my first day

Get you murked, ay, get you hurt, ay
She a freak, stuff a dick in her face
I see they dont think about that murder, ay
Wanna see me catch a murder case
I never heard of you, nigga you weren’t in the street when I was in the street
Whеre was you at when they was scarеd to be around me, I was deep up in some beef
Where was you at when I was on the floor nigga, you a hoe nigga I can see
I’m in the war, shit be getting so deep, I gotta ride in the backseat
And I don

Running out their tennis shoes

Stop until they all dead
Tats all on my body, always tryna lick em off

Tats all over my body, I ain’t putting this strap down, bitch I’m wylin’


Song: First Day
Album: Misguided (2022)
Artist: OMB Peezy
Music: KeemTurbo, Prod. blackice, ReoN & Junar
Lyrics: OMB Peezy

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