FJD (Skit) Lyrics by North Ave Jax, From the Album “LaZy, but i have goals“, and FJD (Skit) Song lyrics are penned down by North Ave Jax, Eli Derby, Najee Travis, Slimwav & Storm Ford.

FJD (Skit) Lyrics

Yo, guys, I—, I really feel like I—, I could really do this rap shit, for real, like

Uh… tshh… I mean, maybe?

I mean I see it

Haha, I’m sorry, did I just hear you—? Haha
I’m sorry, did I just hear you say you wanted to be a rapper?

You see? I’m telling you, Jackson, I wouldn’t be lying to you, bro
This is, like, this shit’s not gonna happen, you know, like? (Yeah, alright)
What are the odds? Like, it’s not real, bro, it’s—, it’s just not gonna happen
I’m telling you it’s not gonna happen (How are you—)

How are you gonna tell me, Justin? How?

Bro! You’re from Vermont! Heh, like, just listen to the sound of that
I’m telling you, it’s not happening (Yep, a’ight)

You know, I’ve been wanting to make this announcemеnt for a very long time…
It’s only three words too
3 fucking words
And it’s: “Fuck Jensеn Daily”


Song: FJD (Skit)
Album: LaZy, but i have goals (2022)
Artist: North Ave Jax
Lyrics: North Ave Jax

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