Fool’s Gold In The Bear Trap Lyrics by August Burns Red, from the album “Death Below“, music has been produced by Carson Slovak & Grant McFarland, and Fool’s Gold In The Bear Trap song lyrics are penned down by Dustin Davidson & Brent Rambler.

Fool’s Gold In The Bear Trap Lyrics

There is a world out there
That doesn’t care about the problems in your head
The disbelief you can’t conceive
Is what clouds your thoughts with dread
Backstabbers roam the streets
Prowling for their next kill
Disregard for human life powers how they feel
Fool’s gold in the bear trap
Line them up and watch their legs snap one by one
Skip every step you’ll be left standing on the crack
But it’s breaking your back
Like following a map but scrapping every part
Except for thе “X”
Don’t make significant decisions
Based on thе path of least resistance


Song: Fool’s Gold In The Bear Trap
Artist: August Burns Red
Album: Death Below (2023)
Music: Carson Slovak & Grant McFarland
Lyrics: Dustin Davidson & Brent Rambler

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