Forest Gump Lyrics by yvngxchris, and From the Album “VIRALITY“, Music has been produced by FINLINCE!, and Forest Gump song lyrics are penned down by ​yvngxchris & FINLINCE!.

Forest Gump Lyrics

(You is a bitch if you turn this shit off)
Bad model bitch, want my son
Rollin that tiki ZaZa in a blunt
My white plug stay callin’ me a son of a gun
I’ll take a nigga bitch, I fuck her and made her cum
And if a nigga slide on yvngxchris, then he done
No blick, no stick, yeah that nigga type dumb
Rotate on a nigga block, then it get spun

Y’all niggas could never spit like Chris
I did this shit, I’m callin’ up my shooter to get you hit
Bullet make him turn and twist and flip and shit
Flipped a bitch and gave her backshots, dick and shit
I got a bitch tryna cover, have my kids and shit
No blicks and shit, I beat a nigga fist to fist
Or fist to face, I hit a bitch right up in her chest, make her tits deflate
And last night, with your bitch in my bed, had to dick her face, I really hope he didn’t catch the day
Told a nigga, “I could pack it, bitch”
He grab her tits, I had to ask the bitch like, “Can you come and gag and spit?”
I hit that bitch on the phone, told her “Gag on that dick”
B.B. belt on my waist, still saggin’ and shit
Heard guns clappin’, what happened lil’ bitch?
And I steady laughin’, niggas mad in this bitch
I’m a damn savage, I’m the type of nigga make a little dumb bad bitch, drop bags on the dick
Two hunnid on the dash, goin’ fast than a bitch through traffic, seatbelt fast than a shit
And I’m smokin’ this check ’til it’s done
I walk in the club with no fuckin’ ID and they still let me come
I tell that ho, “Give me my gun”
Big-ass Glock make a fuck nigga run (Run, Forrest, run)
Glock make a nigga run fast, Forrest Gump
Got a shawty, finna suck that for a month
And I pull up on a pussy lil’ nigga for talkin’ tough
And lil’ shawty was lovin’ me, fuckin’ me, suckin’ me up
And I don’t want your company, buddy, I’m fuckin’ a slut
And you better lick it up and tell a young nigga, “Nut”
Pull up with the Glock, aim it at a young nigga gut
Yeah, we finna burn ’em, right after, return ’em, I aim at his sternum
Bitch, I’m rockin’ Off-White, R.I.P. Virgil
Guess I’m finna drop now, niggas, I heard ’em
Y’all keep askin’ me like, “Do I really bust ’cause I don’t actually really do all this stuff?”
But if you askin’ me, I can never be touched ’cause in reality y’all vagina as fuck


Song: Forest Gump
Album: VIRALITY (2022)
Artist: yvngxchris
Lyrics:yvngxchris & FINLINCE!

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