Free Smoke Lyrics by French Montana, EST Gee & BIG30, from the album “CB6“, and Free Smoke song lyrics are penned down by French Montana, EST Gee & BIG30.

Free Smoke Lyrics

Got some strong, make all the J’s to name a wrestler
You ain’t trappin’ up, before I rapped, I had my record up
Like before I came to Memphis, I was by the Ja Morant (Ja Morant)
They want beef with us and hope I post and turn they Insta up (Turn they ‘Gram up)
You’ll do whatever for attention from the listeners (Get your bands up)
Accepted in your car ride to the mall, you put your pistol up (You put your [?])
Right after them captions, actin’, cappin’, like you spint on us (Like you spinnin’)
This shit get ridiculous (Yeah, yeah), so I trust in my chopper (I trust in my [?])
Fifty-five, don dada, know I send shit to thе doctor (Send shit to the doctor)
That other shit bе fraudulent, niggas know who got dead bodies (Know who got dead bodies)
Go get it out the blender, stretch, it fit out like [?]
Had money ‘fore they signed me (Yeah), I was turnt before they found me (I was [?] found me)
Was fuckin’ with cocaine, way before I met Yo Gotti (Way before I met Yo Gotti)
This street shit in my veins, a quarter-million can’t record me (Brr, brr, ayy, ayy)

Certified in these streets, you can ask the folks ’bout a rocket
I was fourteen years old, scrapped the peer pot, that’s on God
My opps know I’ll kill ’em, take me one time, I will spark ’em
Every click ever had beef, dropped the Lee one from out they pocket…


Song: Free Smoke
Artist: French Montana, EST Gee & BIG30
Album: CB6 (2023)
Lyrics: French Montana, EST Gee & BIG30

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