Freequency Lyrics by Black Star Ft. Black Thought, from the album “No Fear of Time“, latest song 2022, music has been produced by Madlib, and Freequency song lyrics are penned down by Madlib, Black Thought, Talib Kweli & Yasiin Bey.

Freequency Lyrics

Yup, I rep the feud at
Could sell you that life story in two acts, from New Yack
The he who would find glory and knew that
I started in the trap, freestyling over the two-track
When I was realizing my chronicle, where was you at?
I’m true black, some feel as though my opinions are too black
I paid a major price with the label, now where the food at?
My crew black, from white to light skin to the blue-black
We travel in the time, when the world ended, I flew back
To an open door and saw culture deepеr than the ocean floor
Then I camе and know which cord and which dependence overture
And do for self, so know your rights and know the Lord
Nine times out of ten, they ain’t worth the paper they wrote it on
They’ll try to beat us, they will never defeat us
Attack thought leaders, as black warriors
Descend into darkness like black Orpheus
The stars of the story is back, y’all see us (Word)
We touchin’ everything that move
It’s like you get them bomb throwin’ at the show improve
From an era before the views but came confused
Comes an American gangster slash Langston Hughes
And when I step into a place, it creates the mood
When I give a dissertation, we make the news
All my team do is win ’cause we hate to lose
The stars say it’s you again, let me make some room
I don’t relate to fools
They focus on the vision, they all going to Hell and just swear you going with him
Not just to visit, ’cause they’re in a mental prison, existing
Isn’t living, I pray that you know the difference
If you tryna go the distance
Liberate your mind
Your soul gon’ follow, it ain’t far behind
As long as you’re not hollow, it ain’t hard to find
I personally transcend space all the time, shine like

Silhouettes, when they dancing in the limelight
In hindsight, your songs is nursery rhymes like Three Blind Mice
You a klondike, looking brown but take a bite, you probably fine white
You want the reals to provide you with the highlights
You’ll never be prepared for what we facin’ if you scared of confrontation
So never hear what you sayin’ if you bring fear to the conversation
These abominations’ll bomb a nation and murder entire populations
Put ’em in camps, say it’s mental enhance, they focus in concentration
I’m sayin’, when people tell you who they are, you should believe ’em
It’s heartless how they treat ’em
And it’s garbage that they eatin’
Regardless of what they feed ’em
They still starvin’ for they freedom
Like they ravage, these devils be terrified of God for a reason
You could be savage as a heathen but ain’t no atheists in foxholes
Fucks up your alignment like a New York City pothole
Since a snot nose, son was a dreamer like he a vato
Running with mobs and schemers as he chronicled the cockroach
When it got Mos
Created a classic, that’s how they got close
Opened for the Roots, they kept the bar close, son was nice with the bars though
This the crack that we trafficking like we Narcos
Got us all the way up like my stock go when I pop off
Like the firearm, the queen kept in her purse like the hot sauce
Tell my accountant, hit the broker with the stop loss
‘Cause it got cost to consider
Don’t be bitter ’cause you was listenin’ to knock offs
Get your ass up out the throne ’cause it is not yours and you know it
Evacuate it, with Black Thought and Black Star creating
Belong to Two One Five Entertainment and Black Star Incorporated ’cause we ain’t playin’
We defied and melt your plastic operation
The ancestors proud of us ’cause we the catalyst for mass decarceration

Reversing the misfortune by moving forward
Every direction is determined by intention
Life is a school for all of us without exception
24/7, seminars are in session, ha
Some serious, dutious, some class clowns
The reality like gravity shut that ass down
They laugh now then cry later and longer, ha
They told me ain’t nothing growing without some water
Look, we sacrifice for what we needed and wanted
If it was righteous exact or was out of order
Everything is not for sale, everybody pay a price
You can run away and not escape, that’s the way of life
Nobody makes it out alive, wow
Nobody ever really dies
Ain’t it crazy how the contrast coincide
Ain’t it strange how I’m amazed but I’m not surprised
They say that they don’t understand it but it’s not a lie
And indeed the understanding is not required
‘Cause as long as the soul is born and you feel a vibe
Don’t trouble your mind, it’s quite alright
More will be revealed in time
Thanks for being with us, ciao for now
High-end frequency champion sound

Ha, ha, yes, yes, y’all
Feel free, indeed
Fly like a dove, way up up above
Waves all over the place
Waves, waves, waves
Waves all over the place
Waves, waves, waves
Waves all over the place
Waves all over the place
Waves all over the place
Waves all over the place


Song: Freequency
Singer: Black Star Ft. Black Thought
Music: Madlib
Lyrics: Madlib, Black Thought, Talib Kweli & Yasiin Bey

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