From The Bottom Lyrics by Quando Rondo, from the album “Recovery“, music has been produced by AG (Producer) & Clemsy Beats, and From The Bottom song lyrics are penned down by Quando Rondo, AG (Producer) & Clemsy Beats.

From The Bottom Lyrics

(Damn, Clemsy, you stepped on this one)
‘Cause I like it
(Go crazy, AG)
Like it
‘Cause I like it
I, ’cause I like it
I, ’cause I like it (Yeah)

Lil’ shawty exotic, that’s just how I like it (Exotic)
Thirty-two thousand, I spend on Versace (Versace)
When I first hit the lick, it was all ’bout the money (Money)
If you have my kid, I’ma fix up your body (Body)
We go board on the private, the dock to Miami (Miami)
Extention cord, got it stuffed in my fanny (Fanny)
I run the morgue in the pandemic (Pandemic)
Got this shit off the floor, ain’t no handouts
When I hopped out thе Porsche, had them bands out (Yeah)
Madе her get a abortion, she fanned out (Yeah-yeah-yeah)
Mama, look at your boy, he a man now (Yeah)
Youngin jumped out the Porsche, now his man down
When the yola came in, it was tan-brown
Used to think that I can’t, but I can now
I just laugh to the bank with the bands now (Uh, yeah)
Got a hundred in change, we just ran down

I came a long way from the bottom, and I did it with the bros
I came a long way from apartments, posted by the corner store
I came a long way from the projects, [?]
And, I came a long way, in the process, my heart turned cold

They say it’s cheaper to keep her, but, no, I don’t want her
I pass the bitch right to the homies
I keep that heat tucked when I be out grindin’ ’cause I know these niggas they wanna come hole me
I rather do this shit all by my lonely
All by myself, no, I don’t need a army
I’m blowin’ Purple baby like it’s [?]
I smoke ’bout thirty niggas up in [?]
Try to say that I drip like a nigga from Harlem
Told my team that it’s over, let’s go change the council
And, I’m ’bout to lean over while geeked up, I’m on lean
My lil’ nigga should’ve did what I taught him
Got that lean by the case, couple cases, I caught it
Brand new i8, I’ma give a deposit
[?] cookin’ up [?] just to fill up this pocket
Fuck it up and it spray, I don’t want ’em to drop it
Four-hundred racks, fuck that up in the club
I know she got my back, ain’t no motherfuckin’ hug
Stead sippin’ on Act’, that’s a two double cup
I’ma count up these racks while I do all these drugs
Now, my neck and wrist wet like a swimmin’ pool
I done traded the ‘Vette for a two-door coupe
Swear it’s so many bitches, it’s hard to choose
I still go to the […]


Song: From The Bottom
Artist: Quando Rondo
Album: Recovery (2023)
Music: AG (Producer) & Clemsy Beats
Lyrics: Quando Rondo, AG (Producer) & Clemsy Beats

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