Fuxk 2020-2021 Lyrics by Tre $avage (USA), from the album “no discrimination“, music has been produced by Tre $avage (USA), and Fuxk 2020-2021 song lyrics are penned down by Tre $avage (USA).

Fuxk 2020-2021 Lyrics

Hold up, hold up, hold up
Wait, hold up (Hold up, hold up, hold up)
Wait (Hold up, wait, wait)

I’m unraveling, spiraling out of control
My emotions are destroying me
In this world, I don’t know who’s controlling me
Some people just tell rumors and lies (Yeah)
Brand new year, only thing that’s lingering is fear
Try to cope, on the edge of insanity
Please explain why you can’t handle me
I’m broken inside, taken for granted
Show no remorse, do you finally understand it?
Done being pleasant, I’m getting hostile
Ready to fight, jostle
No discrimination by any means
I’m vengeful, I’ll take care of my enemies
I don’t know what I’m going through
Growing up where the snakes and roaches live
Have to adapt to it, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here
Everyone kept saying that I’ll never make it
Proved them wrong, now, do you think I’m faking?
You’ll never live my life, you won’t understand my pain
People thought I was so entitled (They still do)
I’m destined, see my potential, greatness
Don’t know if I love this lifestyle or hate it
What am I going to do? It’s too complicated
Counting my blessing, every day, every night
Will everything be alright?
I lost my sight, lost my mind
Shouldn’t be going insane
What’s going wrong in my brain?
I don’t know what else to do, like I’ll split you in two
Get out of my face, ruined my life
I’m done with you
I got no audacity, why in the-, why are you mad at me?

Worst years of my life


Song: Fuxk 2020-2021
Artist: Tre $avage (USA)
Album: no discrimination (2023)
Music: Tre $avage (USA)
Lyrics: Tre $avage (USA)

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