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Gettin’ Money Now Lyrics by BlueBucksClan, from the album “Clan Way“, music has been produced by Bankroll Dani & Juce, and Gettin’ Money Now song lyrics are penned down by BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy.

Gettin’ Money Now Lyrics

Why these niggas mad we gettin’ money now?
(Ayy, Juce, let me know somethin’)

He a fake nigga, he can’t come around (Can’t come around)
Why these niggas mad we gettin’ money now?
Ex-bitch was a rat, yeah, I’m single now (Bitch)
Twenty bitches on my dick, I can’t settle down (Settle down)
They don’t know the real meaning, I’m gon’ break it down (Break it down)
They don’t let us in the door, it’s gettin’ kicked down
We’ll turn a nigga block to a ghost town
Said she not a ho, let me check your background (Bitch)
See it in they eyes, niggas hatin’, man, they envious
She want me to wife her, all the homies hit, you serious? (The fuck?)
In this V12, this bitch fast and it’s furious
We got Henny and Patrón, grab a cup, ain’t no beer with us
Thirty ball up for a rainy day (Real fast)
You ain’t talkin’ money, bitch, watch me fade away (Bitch)
She can’t be without me like she Mary J
Flyest nigga in the room, watch me levitate

We don’t bang, but got more blues than a Crip nigga (We got straps)
All these bitches packed in, I can’t fit niggas (Can’t fit)
Got his baby mama EBT, I’m eatin’ fish, nigga (That’s on God)
She gon’ pay me just to fuck, I ain’t no trick, nigga (Hell nah)
Iron Mike diamonds in my ear how they hit, nigga (Bling, baow)
Keep big timers, Manny Fresh on my wrist, nigga (Big timers)
Pourin’ deuces in the can soda, I’m a sick nigga (Sick nigga)
Nigga flexin’ ten hundreds on me, that ain’t shit, nigga (That ain’t shit)
With my nigga Rucci at the Roxy, yeah, it’s lit, nigga (Yeah, it’s lit)
Throwin’ money all in the crowd like some rich niggas (Rich niggas)
My bitch always fly, but she mean like a witch, nigga (Witch, nigga)
BucksClan do it big, Kanye shirts (Do it big)
All this money, niggas could’ve bought a Kanye verse (That’s on God)
I’ma wife my bitch, I gotta fuck Ashanti first (Gotta fuck Ashanti)
Smokin’ big ‘Woods, nigga, I don’t pop no Percs (Never, none)
In the coupe ridin’, nigga, I don’t got no shirt (I don’t got no shirt)

These niggas can’t see me, John Cena (John Cena)
Ass so big like the sun, think she Trina (Bitch bad)
Bring my blower to the game like Arenas (Bitch)
We ain’t pullin’ up in Regals, we in Demons (Hell nah)
Yeah, I’m with your bitch, she finna drive the boat
You would think it was a lemon, how I do the Ghost (Bad)
Bitch blowin’ up my phone, she do the most (Do the most)
Mike Epps-ass niggas, you niggas jokes

Every time I ball, triple double, ain’t no coachin’ me (Fuck a coach)
Lame niggas, weak bitches can’t get close to me (Nah)
Nigga beatin’ all on his bitch ’cause she postin’ me (‘Cause she post)
Clan strand packed in this ‘Wood, it keep chokin’ me (Goddamn)
Louis Vuitton spikes on my feet, yeah, they pokin’ me (Bitch, I’m bleedin’)
Lil’ scammer bitch keep me drippin’, she be soakin’ me (That bitch swipe)
Bitches beggin’ to get in our section like, “I hope it’s me”
All ten of ’em just threw a thousand, are you joking me? (I ain’t playin’)
We just cracked for a whole hundred, all this yolk on me (All this yolk)
Trey faced a five, lookin’ like he finna poke on me
Donuts in a foreign, yeah, nigga, all this smoke for me
Pullin’ up ten foreigns, same niggas that was broke with me

She like, “Nigga, ain’t you BlueBucks?” Yeah, she notice me (Bucks)
Nigga think he hard, pull his card, I’m exposin’ him (Bitch)
Billy hit me up FaceTime with a forty P (Forty piece)
Poppin’ pills with your bitch, I can’t go to sleep
Yeah, this bitch bad, she so thick, but she crazy (She so crazy)
Stop hatin’, tell your bitch I miss her, that’s my baby (That’s my baby)
In the wintertime, but she blowin’ like the AC (Like the AC)
Knock it off, bitch, we just fuckin’, you can’t date me (Bitch)


Song: Gettin’ Money Now
Artist: BlueBucksClan
Album: Clan Way (2022)
Music: Bankroll Dani & Juce
Lyrics: BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy

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