Give It Up Lyrics by STRAPPED! Ft. DaeMoney, from the album “Stay Strapped, Vol. 3“, and Give It Up song lyrics are penned down by DaeMoney.

Give It Up Lyrics


I swear in my sleep
I can hear the money calling me
She on my phone like Slae why you dogging me
Bag full of perkies
Why I keep taking all of these
Bottle full of drank
I keep sipping all the lean
I’m tryna slow it down
But I’ll never let it slow me up
I’m like a bench player in a blowout
I’mma get a Buck
Gangster in my blood nigga
All I know is give it up
22, 23 and 24 that’s me, give it up
Niggas know to sit down when Slae come around
Hit your city for a day but it belong to me right now
I got two bitches kissing and they calling me right now
He been thuggin with me daily gotta give it to my guy
I be balling on these niggas like I’m hooping at The Y
Skinny nigga going hard
Swear to God I feel like Jah
I’m stepping doing 120, while I’m staring in her eyes
Diamonds dancing, see the drank
She like you playing with my mind
And it’s 2022, niggas still ain’t on that grind
You content with being finished
Ain’t no money on your mind
I was getting it for the P
Way even before a nigga got signed
It’s just profit to a nigga
I just had to take my time
Spent so much at Saks
They gave a nigga free cologne
She an underground blower
Need to leave that freak alone
Boy that cheesy ass jewelery
Need to leave that shit at home
Tryna download a nigga swag
Nigga get your own

Lame ass niggas man
Step on shit


Song: Give It Up
Artist: STRAPPED! Ft. DaeMoney
Album: Stay Strapped, Vol. 3 (2023)
Lyrics: DaeMoney

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