glock with a switch Lyrics by Ken Carson, from the album “lost ?”, music has been produced by Gab3, ​roxie & ​pan, and glock with a switch song lyrics are penned down by ​pank, ​roxie, Gab3 & Ken Carson.

glock with a switch Lyrics

Glock came with a motherfuckin’ switch
Up that lil’ shit, turn him into a bitch
Up that lil’ shit, turn him into a bitch
Glock 19, yeah, it came with a switch
Walk in this bitch with my motherfuckin’ blick
Walk down on your nigga, oh yeah, he a bitch
I’ll take you chain before I let you reach for it
I’ll fuck your main before I let you fuck my bitch
I’ll switch the lanes before I let 12 get on it
Take them boys on a chase
I’m skrrtin’ in it
I’m too high, I can’t feel my face on no Novacane
I play these hoes just like I’m playin’ a game
I don’t got a girlfriend, I don’t got a main
I’m just fuckin’ these hoes, I been goin’ insane
Fuckin’ these hoes, I been goin’ insane
Fuckin’ these hoes, I been goin’ insane
I been fuckin’ these hoes, now she losin’ her brain
She losin’ her mind, she don’t know what to do
I got a rack chain, ain’t talkin’ ’bout tennis fool
Yeah, you talkin’ tennis, let’s talk ’bout my chain
Pointers on my neck, they wet like the rain
Pointers on my wrist, these not Johnny Dang
No, I’m icy like a hockey puck, lil’ ho’
Keep the opinions, I don’t give a fuck lil’ bro
I used to care but I don’t give a fuck no more
If you don’t fuck with me then get off my dick
These niggas obsessed, these niggas be sick
They watchin’ my Instagram and my Twitter
They really watchin’ me ’cause they know I’m that nigga
Yeah, you got diamonds, but my shit hit a lil’ bigger
When I was little, I used to fuck with my babysitter
I point my eyes down, told that pussy boy, “Get up”
If I see Lil wit’ it, he still get hit up
Got a Glock with a switch, yeah, you know I won’t miss
Glock with a switch turn a man to a bitch
Glock with a switch and a .30 extended
And I think I put some hollow tips in
Hell nah, these not regular 9 millimeters
Look at my swag, it’s Dior and it’s cheetah
You cannot afford these animal prints
And my pants, yeah, they came from Japan
That Glock with a switch made that pussy boy dance
That Glock with a switch, why that pussy boy ran?
That .30 clip why I hit you and your mans
Ayy, better watch when you flexin’ them bands ’cause they got a Glock with a switch and I’m ready to take


Song: glock with a switch
Album: lost ? (2023)
Singer: Ken Carson
Music: Gab3, ​roxie & ​pan
Lyrics: ​pank, ​roxie, Gab3 & Ken Carson

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