Golden Child Lyrics by Lil Durk, latest english song 2022, music has been composed by Hitmaka, and Golden Child song lyrics are penned by Hitmaka, Lil Durk.

Golden Child Lyrics

Turn me up, yc
Red dead, I’m so f**kin’ bumpin’, bruh

I share clothes with killers (let’s get it)
Who shot? I don’t remember (yeah!)
That bi**h off coke, remember? (let’s get it)
F**k hoes to bryson tiller (yeah, yeah)
Make freak hoes bite the pillow (let’s get it)
I cut coke for dealers (I cut coke)
If he got more bodies than you, you can’t lil’ bro the ni**a (yeah!)
You hustle bags to feed the plug, then why you poked the ni**a? (yeah!)
If you got power with that tommy, you can ghost a ni**a (yeah!)
I f**k a bi**h, her pu**y dry, I might use lotion with her (yeah!)
Live by the gun, you dyin’ by it, them ni**as ain’t coachin’ ni**as (grrah, grrah)
I really got left for noodles (noodles)
Know a pit who was born a poodle (let’s get it)
That s**t wouldn’t move then poot her
That s**t do feel like voodoo (let’s get it)
You say you got good gas, that s**t be doo-doo (good gas, gas)
That s**t foo-foo, feds cracked the case with that s**t on youtube (huh!)
Told an old head fresh out of jail, this s**t right here he ain’t used to (let’s get it)

Young ni**as coo-coo, hit ’em (bwah), that bi**h go roo-roo
I’m talking ’bout dracs and switches (dracs)
Bi**h, I ain’t paying for kisses
I’m ahk but I love the christians (let’s get it)
I know an ahk who f**k with christmas (let’s get it)

Keep that
Keep all that, but uh, that mac, you know like
Man, what?

I bought my lamb’ with cash
That boy dead, I’m glad
I don’t speak tongues period
I don’t f**k with vlad
In new york, I dress like fab
Too rich to jump in cabs
Sip drank, I don’t f**k with dab
She nosey, close the tab (yeah!)
I’m smurk, I’m a golden child (yeah!)
I’m a street ni**a, eat at tao (yeah!)
Hundred mill’, I’ma throw in the towel (yeah!)
I made eight bricks, still in style (yeah!)
Got a apex, cover the tower (yeah!)
Make a top bi**h come to the law (yeah!)
If she quiet, then f**k her loud
Got gas, don’t f**k with mild

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah


Song: Golden Child
Singer: Lil Durk
Lyrics: Hitmaka, Lil Durk
Composed: Hitmaka

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