Good Evening Lyrics by Arin Ray, from the album “Phases III“.

Good Evening Lyrics

Ah, spliff from the Sunday morning
We had a lot to say at the moment
Took a little walk to the shop that was open
Copped some platinum fire, and papers to roll with
It’s so beautiful outside
And you’re the reason, the reason for me
Blowing kisses to me
Ooh, all day to the nighttime
Slide the whip to the Bayside
All that you been giving me is the right signs
Ain’t no fearing us living the best life
All I need to know is what the sex like
No clothes and R&B for the next five
Five, five, fivе, five, five, woo-hoo, woo-hoo, hoo
The lovе
Colliding, woo-hoo

I say
“Good evening”
I say
“Good evening”
I say
“Good evening, my love”

Let me turn this bitch on
There you go


Song: Good Evening
Artist: Arin Ray
Album: Phases III (2023)

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