Griffith Park Lyrics by Monika, from the album “Proud“, music has been produced by Monika, and Griffith Park song lyrics are penned down by Stavros Xenides & Monika.

Griffith Park Lyrics

Sometimes I go to Griffith park
To gaze the earth to smell the grass
I mostly go there after dark
To see the heavens and watch the stars
I mostly try to unwind
The daily stress to leave behind
And though it’s really hard to find
I sometimes find a peace of mind

And in my state of endless wonder
Sometimes frightened or confused
I try to find some sort of logic
Some type of meaning to infuse

Oh, I went to Griffith park today
The vibrant sun has hid the stars
Your smile was shining morе than ever
I feel the pеace inside my heart


Song: Griffith Park
Artist: Monika
Album: Proud (2023)
Music: Monika
Lyrics: Stavros Xenides & Monika

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