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Hellfire Lyrics by black midi, from the album “Hellfire“, music has been produced by Marta Salogni, and Hellfire song lyrics are penned down by Cameron Picton, Morgan Simpson & Geordie Greep.

Hellfire Lyrics

There’s always something
An odd twitch, hearing loss, a ringing noise
New flesh, a new bump, a weightlessness
A headache, a sore limb, an itchy gash
A mirage, a tumour, a scare
And when one is fixed another breaks
When some destroyed, more await
When it is time, no one comes
When you have time, it is up
And even from without
There is nothing you will find running at full speed
Without a dent, factory-shine
Always slightly out of time
Always, always dust
Always, always, always no such thing as luck
Only chance and rot
Inevitablе loss
Running low
Almost empty
Almost always gone
Going going, gone
Each day quickеr
Each day gone lost
The more, the less
The less useless
That’s that
No more
Meet me at the door!

It’s open, come in
Wash away the sin
No more lazy sloth
This sad pig has had enough
No nail grows yet
All toes now green
Both eyes blank screens
Eyeballs opaque
Robot ears gone
Ringing silence
Back again, mate
A tick-tick, a shiver
A lick lips, a stiffness
A click limb, a limp useless prick!

Gone no need
When stiff useless, when needed limp
Rid me of the hideous thing
Gets it right in the classroom
But wrong in the examination hall
What use is that?
Damn it all, useless thing
All machines designed after it
All worse, none better
I.E. all shit

And none work forever
None work a minute
Worse with every use
Always chasing the first
Always chasing the free
Always chasing decency
Never adequate enough
Enough, enough
Come in, come in
Thank you


Song: Hellfire
Artist: black midi
Album: Hellfire (2022)
Music: Marta Salogni
Lyrics: Cameron Picton, Morgan Simpson & Geordie Greep

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