Hold On Lyrics by G.T. Ft. G Herbo, from the album “Owe It To Myself“, music has been produced by Rawbone, and Hold On song lyrics are penned down by G.T., G Herbo & Rawbone.

Hold On Lyrics

I’m in Glenwood with this shit
Long way from Detroit, man
(It’s raw when you need cash only)

What up, Keef? I ain’t talk to you in a minute (I ain’t talk to you in a minute), thought I should tell you
Kamari gettin’ older (Yeah), he lookin’ up to his elders (For real)
Bird out in Vegas, I talk to him very seldom
Shit ain’t really been all that down here since you left us (For real)
You literally took a piece of my heart (You did)
Since you left, it been dark (Been dark)
I’ve been spittin’ my raps to you, you sayin’, “That’s hard”
Remember me, you, and Tim took our last to the spot? (For real)
Broke down in the basement (For real), I guess that was the start
Nobody love me like Crunch, you been here through it all
I never saw you complain, brodie (Yeah), you really a dog (For real)
Lost time with my son, I’ma repay it all
Every tear I shed, picture you wipin’ it off
You know LA in heaven, that kind of make me feel better
You gettin’ big on pops, you ’bout to be the big setter
You know daddy a legend, so that make you a legend (For real)
But don’t walk in my shoes when you can be way better (Be way better)
I drop to my knees and I send my prayers home
How strong I gotta be to hold on?
Yeah, how strong I gotta be to hold on?

‘Member I had my first kid
I was fightin’ against the state, could’ve did my first bid
Ain’t had no right to tote no pipes and already knew my rights
But I’ll do twenty-five to life before I lose my life
I was in eighth grade when I lost Fazo, I was cryin’
Ain’t blow that brand new thirty-eight I bought, but I was tryin’
Still to this day, a nigga playin’ with me, then he dyin’ (He dyin’)
I told my mama they wasn’t aimin’ at me, but I lied
Even though I know them niggas can’t wait to catch me, I’m outside
Young nigga, I was straight, I was up cake, spent a hundred K on my ride
Move my family out the hood, used to fantasize
Spent a quarter mill’ on drugs when my grandma passed
Money, I divide, but can’t let it get beside us
Run, but you can’t hide, I was always with the sliders
The more money I saw, I climbed the ladder
Got my bitch givin’ me jaw, I’m fuckin’ her raw, probably have me another baby
I was a young nigga goin’ crazy, every year I bought a Mercedes
I was nineteen, blew through a ninety like I was gettin’ money back in the ’80s
I got a forty Glock on me likely and I don’t give a fuck who like me
I was tryna check somethin’ in my Nikes
I was fifteen rockin’ Pooh Shiesties, free Pooh Shiesty

G Herbo
Yeah, nigga


Song: Hold On
Artist: G.T. Ft. G Herbo
Album: Owe It To Myself (2023)
Music: Rawbone
Lyrics: G.T., G Herbo & Rawbone

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