Hopedrunk Everasking Lyrics by Caroline Polachek, from the album “Desire, I Want To Turn Into You“, and Hopedrunk Everasking song lyrics are penned down by Caroline Polachek & Danny L Harle.

Hopedrunk Everasking Lyrics

Starlight in a tunnel
Kind of familiar
Hopedrunk everasking
How does it feel to know
Your final form?
So old, so new

Pull close to me and never be alone (Oo-oo-oh)

Real life is a rumor
Under the theatre
Deeper, dig it deeper
‘Til the meanwhile slows
They’ll find our bones
And yet, they won’t

Pull close to me and never be alone (Oo-oo-oh)
(Aaah, aaah)
(Aaah, aaah)
(Aaah, aaah)
(Aaah, aaah)

Dawn is just a headspace
Night is a feeling
Hope-drunk everasking
Centuries come and go
They’ll find our bonеs
And yet, they won’t


Song: Hopedrunk Everasking
Artist: Caroline Polachek
Album: Desire, I Want To Turn Into You (2023)
Lyrics: Caroline Polachek & Danny L Harle

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