HOUSEWIFE Lyrics by Qveen Herby, from the album “HOUSEWIFE“, music has been produced by Nick Noonan & Pompano Puff, and HOUSEWIFE song lyrics are penned down by Qveen Herby.


They say you need a lover
To get the fantasy outta your life (What)
I think I just decided
I wanna be my own housewife
Independent and so fine
Lonely sometimes, I don’t mind

I don’t give a fuck (I do)
I be online shopping with a blunt (I know)
Runnin’ up champagne in my cup (Bubbles)
Just a bad girl doing what she wants (Trouble)
In my dream life (Wait)
It’s the truth I have
Way more options than my grandma had
When a bitch this bad
Lookin’ like the [?] the stock gon’ crash

I’m minding my biz (Minding my biz)
Do what I want when I wish
In my house
Be my own bitch
Tell ’em I’m marrying rich
Go all out
Cookies and cream (Cookies and crеam)
Live my suburbian dream (Suburbian dream)
Pink night gown
Bеauty routine, make my priority me

(What did I say)
I might be child-free chillin’
Dream fulfilling


Artist: Qveen Herby
Album: HOUSEWIFE (2023)
Music: Nick Noonan & Pompano Puff
Lyrics: Qveen Herby

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