I Did Lyrics by OMB Peezy Ft. NLE Choppa, and From the Album “Misguided“, Music has been produced by Camo Banks & MP808, and I Did song lyrics are penned down by OMB Peezy & NLE Choppa.

I Did Lyrics

NLE the Top Shotta
Like shit that I did, I don’t speak on the status
From pistol clapping, into trapping the packages
Wrapping niggas, now I rap out the box
Yeah I did it, I’m the one made it happen
From rapping in class, now million-dollar deals active
We ain’t never going backwards
Only up from this point, on God, I stamp
Yeah, shit that I did, never had regrets
Any problem take it to my chin and my chest, either way I’m still blessed
Could’ve been in a jail cell or put to rest, nothing more, nothing less
Checkers or chess
Russian roulette
It takes some chances to gеt where I’m at
I did this, I did that, but my dirt, can’t dig that
Hear no, I see no, I spеak no [?]
Know what I did in the past, but still walk like I’m no threat
With the stick I’m a whole vet, make niggas dance like [?]


Song: I Did
Album: Misguided (2022)
Artist: OMB Peezy Ft. NLE Choppa
Music: Camo Banks & MP808
Lyrics: OMB Peezy & NLE Choppa

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