I Feel Freestyle Lyrics by North Ave Jax, From the Album “LaZy, but i have goals“, Music has been produced by Alex Groh, Depart & RicandThadeus, and I Feel Freestyle Song lyrics are penned down by North Ave Jax.

I Feel Freestyle Lyrics

Class, let’s get started, let’s settle down
Class—, is—, is that Jackson?
Jackson! Jackson!
Jackson, I’m talking to you
Well, since you don’t wanna listen to me, maybe you’ll listen to orders instead
Here, take this…
What’s this?
That’s the Dunkin’ Donuts application you’re gonna be needing
I haven’t seen a student THIS lazy, my goodness!
What? Nah, I don’t need this shit
I don’t need this, you know what I got?

I got, you already know
Hardest out the scene that 802
You could hit that slide like, yeah, that’s Groh
I could promise you that I won’t fold
No way, stuck in my ways
I am who I am, I ain’t gon’ change
A lot of grief, a lot of pain
Through it all I stayed the same
I’ve been locked in, there ain’t no way I slip
Differеnce is I ain’t gon’ switch, fuck all that extra shit
I’ll make yo’ bitch drink my kids, I’m rеally off the shits
Bad bitches, bad bitches is my only preference
Now I got swerve, baby, D RB by my side
If you fuckin’ with the guys, then you prolly lost yo’ mind
I ain’t gon’ lie for my style, that’s a damn fact (Huh)
Pull up on the scene, feel like I’m Cam Cash
I’m doin’ what I do and I give no fucks about how you feelin’
And the way I move, I swear to God it can’t get any realer
And no, we ain’t the type to type back
I feel like Mike Jack’, my life a thriller
Moonwalkin’ to the dub, I feel like a smooth criminal
I’m making history with history
Life is such a mystery, but what about it?
I find it funny that they talk, but they is not about it
Whole team with me, you know that they stay surrounded
I feel like Kujt, $100K my minimum wage
You already know I move like Sko, that’s perfect aim
Used to have nothin’, yeah, there ain’t no way I’m gon’ complain
And all these bags comin’ in, ain’t no way that I’ll ever restrain
This shit get dangerous
I feel like Carlon off the Jameson
This shit get wild, this shit get wild, this shit get real
No, I can’t lie, no, I can’t lie, this shit for real
This shit for real


Song: I Feel Freestyle
Album: LaZy, but i have goals (2022)
Artist: North Ave Jax
Music: Alex Groh, Depart & RicandThadeus
Lyrics: North Ave Jax

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