I Imagine Lyrics by BabyTron, from the album “MegaTron 2“, and I Imagine song lyrics are penned down by BabyTron.

I Imagine Lyrics

They ask who I do it for, I say me
I’m the type to just say f*ck it, you would probably say please
Can you say “Cheese”? I’ma up it on the ‘Gram and make these— hey
Hey, I’ma up it on the ‘Gram and make these pussies hate me
Plain Richie cost me four bust APs
Spot full of ice, but this bitch hot as AZ
Spot full of ice, would’ve thought I turned on the AC (Hey)
Take my leaf, then I chief, chief, chief like I’m in KC
Slide down with four K’s, make sure you see a HD
She a straight freak, but I’m straight, she use straight teeth
I been blowin’ loud since it was comin’ out my Dre Beats
Tryna make a bitch leave, I’m finna just play fake sleep
Should’ve copped a whole pint, he sippin’ on a fake three
Let an oppy pull up to the spot, he gettin’ laced weed
‘Yercs got me itchin’ like I ran through the woods
I done ran through these hoes, I done ran through the juggs
How the f*ck I leave in the jungle in the— ayy
How the f*ck I leave the jungle in the land with some wolves?
High as f*ck, f*ck around and might just land in your hood
I just popped a pink 10, I might land in your bitch
On my way to meet the plug, I might land on some bricks
Wave riders tryna luck up and land on the ship
f*ckin’ ’round with made in style, I might land on the six
Ayy, took a zip of the shrooms on the first, I might land on the fifth, I might land on the sixth
Ayy, I won’t put my hands on the bitch unless she put her hands on the kit, ‘less her hands on the stick
Ayy, man, I hate how fans always wantin’ pics, got a fan on my hip, don’t get fanned in this bitch, ayy
October 24th, 2022, I can’t believe I got that news
R.I.P. $cams, wish that I could pour a pop with you
Stack jacks, hit the turn-in, go and shop with you
Why the f*ck you leave so early, gang? We had a lot to do
It’s some shit that hit your heart a certain way
I don’t even wanna hit the booth on certain days
I ain’t go to sleep, probably thinkin’ I’m the first awake
Treat the drank like a game, let’s play first to eight
I imagine one day I won’t need the drugs at all
I imagine that you down bad and need the plug to ball
When they play with my— ayy
When they play with my name, I imagine blood involved
I imagine if it go down, you get the judge involved
I imagine gettin’ head, she imagine f*ckin’ raw
Twenty-some years from right now, I imagine duckin’ off
I can’t talk to my dog, I’m imaginin’ one more call
Long live $cam
I can’t talk to my dog, I’m imaginin’ one more call
I can’t talk to my dog, I’m imaginin’, hey

Forever $cams


Song: I Imagine
Artist: BabyTron
Album: MegaTron 2 (2023)
Lyrics: BabyTron

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