If Tomorrow Starts Without Me Lyrics by Bill Ryder-Jones, from the album “Iechyd Da“, music has been produced by Bill Ryder-Jones, and If Tomorrow Starts Without Me song lyrics are penned down by Bill Ryder-Jones.

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me Lyrics

If tomorrow starts without me, I’m with you
If today begins a day too soon
I’ve a sense of shame when it feels alright
So I’ve played some games but it ends tonight
As I’m fading into blue
Let’s just hope that somehow I’m with you

If the monsters call you names, then I’m with you
I’ve had monsters play games with me too
And if I told you just in time how you’re the one
Would you come or just pass through my arms?

And that sense of shame names itself anew
Was it worth the wait? What’s it worth to you?
And it feels alright to be passing through
Give it one more night
Give me somеthing true
Something you’ll regrеt
In that way you do
Well, I’ve had a good one
And I’ve scored a few


Song: If Tomorrow Starts Without Me
Artist: Bill Ryder-Jones
Album: Iechyd Da (2023)
Music: Bill Ryder-Jones
Lyrics: Bill Ryder-Jones

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