I’m The One Lyrics by Big Moochie Grape, from the album “East Haiti Baby“, latest song 2022, and I’m The One song lyrics are penned down by Big Moochie Grape.

I’m The One Lyrics

Yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Big Moochie
Huh, the biggest

Uh, yeah, I send the blitz, they go do damage, nigga (Huh, huh, Pluto)
Yeah, smoke so many ‘Woods, feel like I’m camping, nigga (Feel like I’m camping, nigga)
‘Member how I was trappin’, I served work up at my granny’s, nigga (‘Member, ‘member, ‘member)
Went from none to somethin’ (Yeah), I’m the one that made shit happen, nigga (Yes, sir, yes, sir)
Big Moochie, bitch (Big Moochie), I’m the one that get off the package (Uh-huh)
Niggas big coochiе bitch (That bitch), they ain’t gangster, they just acting (Thеy acting)
Big Moochie, bitch (Big Moochie), I’m the one that get off the package (Uh-huh)
Niggas big coochie bitch (Hoes), they ain’t gangster, they just acting, yeah (Bitch)
Saw your bitch and now she took it (Uh-huh), she say, “I’m good looking”, yeah (Good looking)
Put that shit upon my dawgs (Yeah), ain’t no nigga playing me, pussy (On my bitch)
Off of every, off that ever, played, I bet they cost a bullet, yeah (Two story)
I’m a vet’, no rookie (Yeah)
Anyone want dope we cookin’? Yeah (We cookin’)
All my opps be shooken, uh (Shooken)
Fifteen just to book me, uh (Fifteen)
Rocking all this water, got your main bitch throwing pussy, uh
Failed grade, I was never in school, I was shootin’ hookie, ooh (I was shootin’ hookie)
Backwood full of Pluto, lil’ bitch, I don’t do the Cookies (Pluto)
Got these rap niggas hatin’ just for no reason (No reason)
Never dodging beef on my E, bitch, we not vegan (Ayy, bitch)
Choppa bullets hit a nigga or ’cause he won’t stop bleeding
And I got so much ice on me right now, bitch, I feel like I’m anemic, yeah (Yes, sir, yes, sir)

Hooker said, “Twenty”, made me power up (Power up)
Woke up in the building with three bitches like the Power Puffs (The Power Puffs)
All these niggas hatin’ on Big Moochie ’cause money up (My money up)
Bitches see these baguettes in my chain, they be like, “What the fuck?” (Like, “What the fuck!”)
I just signed a deal (On Illuminati), shit that just got real, uh (Shit got real)
I’m going for the kill (Kill), blew a bag against that field, uh (Against that field)
F&N on my hip (F&N), got blue tips for you shrimps
Got a brand new choppa (Yeah), I go monkey like a chimp (Go ape)
Fell up in the spot, they be like “Who is him?” (Who is him?)
And I got the drops on the opps, yeah, we doin’ them (Kill ’em bitch)
And it’s been on sight with that pipe, we killing you and him (It’s been on sight)
And I’m taking flight like I’m Mike, but never hit the gym (Never hit the gym), bitch (Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch)

But I been fuckin’ with way dope, nigga (Way dope, nigga, way dope, nigga)
I stamp that (I stamp that, I stamp that)
We gon’ play on ‘net, nigga (Play on ‘net, play on ‘net)
Ha, quit hiding (Quit hiding, quit hiding)
Bitch (Bitch, bitch)
Hah, hah, gigantic (Gigantic, gigantic)
I ain’t do no cappin’, nigga, all this shit for real, nigga
I been spinnin’ blocks, nigga, on God (On God, on God)
Hah, pussy (Pussy, pussy)
Hah, yeah, pussy (Pussy, pussy)
Shit ain’t gon’ stop, nigga, never (Never, never, never, never, never)


Song: I’m The One
Album: East Haiti Baby (2022)
Singer: Big Moochie Grape
Lyrics: Big Moochie Grape

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