in2 the wild Lyrics by caro♡, from the album “wild at <3“, music has been produced by caro♡, and in2 the wild song lyrics are penned down by caro♡.

in2 the wild Lyrics

I know there’s a door behind a curtain
Inside a dream
And every flower behind a mountain
Along the stream

[?] name
I gotta go back, I gotta fly
I need to find myself again
I need to go back to the wild

I know there’s more I need to find out
I need to see
Another shore, [?]
Waiting for me
The sea is calling my name
[?] down my back, now I can fly
I need to start it all again
I need to go back to the wild

Climb every mountaintop of every rock
[?] to the sound
Drink every motion drop, [?] walk
So I can be myself again, I promised them

[?] from the skies
Clearing the tears out of my eyes
I can see the stars again and find my way into the moon
My feet and my hands unchained, I’m looking to the wild
To the wild
To the wild


Song: in2 the wild
Artist: caro♡
Album: wild at <3 (2023)
Music: caro♡
Lyrics: caro♡

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