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Insanity Lyrics by Samaria Ft. Tone Stith, from the album “Didn’t Start with You“, music has been produced by Kofo, and Insanity song lyrics are penned down by Samaria & Tone Stith.

Insanity Lyrics

Drownin’ up, I think I said enough
I think I said a lot, I think you took it in, I think you’ve heard enough
Flirty ways, I think it’s makin’ sense on why you call me up
Only thing that’s not clickin’, is why you think I give a fuck
Patience’s runnin’ thin, you got five seconds ‘fore I hang it up
Kept the tags on everything you bought, I knew this day would come
Callin’ me a thief, ain’t brought my name when I’m just bein’ blunt
Said I never loved you, I guess I just do this shit for fun

But what do we gain from this?
You know there’s a name for this?

Can’t go chasin’ waterfalls
When there ain’t no rain for it
Woah, oh-oh, oh-oh

Your new shawty just slid in my DMs, askin’ what’s up with us
I told her she can’t build a thing without some trust
Now here I am, bеggin’ to be alone, I need some onе on one
The questions still remains, on why you choose to keep uninvolved
How you even manage to get in after I build this wall?

And what do you gain from this?
You know there’s a name for this?

Can’t go chasin’ waterfalls
When there ain’t no rain for it

What do you make of me?

I think it’s funny how you sit around and act like you don’t give a fuck
Hang up in my face but deep inside, you know that I’m the one
All that propaganda on your Instagram, it’s overdone
It’s obvious you fakin’ it, that single you know ain’t fun (No)
And my new girl, that’s old news, just wastin’ time, waitin’ on you to go and make a bold move
Like you made and you was wrong ’cause I forgive you
But if you move on with somebody else, we got an issue (Shit)
I’m drinkin’, I’m smokin’, I’m thinking ’bout it by the fire of shots
That means I’m really finna put your ass on the spot
This weed and Hennessy, really bringin’ the truest shit out
You never gave reasons, said, I’m just leavin’
Misdirection on your feelings, it’s so deceivin’
Guess you bad at leadin’, it’s just not our season
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-woah, oh-oh, woah-oh (Ooh-ooh, ooh-woah, oh-oh)
Damn, damn, damn, I (I)
Did all these nudes that you received (Oh-oh, oh-woah)
The shit has been breakin’ me (It’s breakin’ me, breakin’ me, oh)
But I guess what you don’t know, you just don’t, know (Know)
Just don’t know, but do you? (Just don’t know, do you? Do you?)
(How could you really know?)
Just don’t know (How could you really know?)
You, oh
(You just don’t know)
You [?], oh (Oh, oh-oh, oh)
(Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh)


Song: Insanity
Album: Didn’t Start with You (2022)
Singer: Samaria Ft. Tone Stith
Music: Kofo
Lyrics: Samaria & Tone Stith

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