Interlude Lyrics by Conway the Machine & Wun Two, from the album “PALERMO“, music has been produced by Wun Two.

Interlude Lyrics

This is the direct New York to Palermo flight they call “The Mafia Express”. The name is a joke of course, these people are warm and honest first or second generation Americans, who have saved enough dollars to come back and see a mother or sister or some cousins. But somewhere among them are the mules, the couriers, coming back. They may have a bundle for cousin Bruno that would choke a Sicilian donkey. The authorities try to stop the heroin going out, but they don’t get all of it. They don’t get anything like a tenth of it, probably. And they don’t, mostly, catch the money coming in


Song: Interlude
Artist: Conway the Machine & Wun Two
Album: PALERMO (2023)
Music: Wun Two

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