Intro Lyrics by G.T. Ft.Pooh Beatz, from the album “Owe It To Myself“, music has been produced by Pooh Beatz & Tommy Parker.

Intro Lyrics

(Pooh, you a fool for this one)
Yeah, yeah, that’s motion
Phew, phew, for real

Shit get real, what you know about that hound? Niggas ain’t sold one pill
Shit get deep, I can’t even get no sleep, brodie just caught him a kill
Fucked up Teezy got life, hope he get an appeal, thinking ’bout it give me the chills
My mama, she birthed a star, roof got shooting stars, the coupe got push to start
I hop out, it park itself, gotta go hard, Goyard on the belt
Just made me a hundred, it really wasn’t nothin’, don’t hear shit but money, don’t talk me to death
I’ll get you what you need, the lean, the blocks, thе P’s, you could pull up all night lean
I’m rockin’ three links, all VVs, I’m tryin’ real hard not to cause a scеne
Dash say 240, I’m doin’ 180
Just broke the bank, four pockets like Baby
Sittin’ back thinkin’ how far I could take it
Told ’em I want it, they thought I was fakin’
Tell me, where would I be if I quit? Where would I be if I make it?
My mom used to tell me I ain’t got no friends ’cause these niggas playin’ it crazy
Got older, I see what she mean, I gotta stay low, gotta make it home to my seed
My hoodie, my flannel, my skully Celine
And when I looked down, I ain’t get back a thing
Now I look back, all I see is the wing
The G.O.A.T. G.T., new Bent’ GT
Matte black, peanut butter seats
Back back, we in here too deep
I only rock Chrome if it’s Matty
I don’t do the chrome, get the black one
Five racks on a Virgil jacket
You know what’s up with me, I’m from the D, so it’s white buffs on the package

You know how we do it around this bitch, man, for real
I’ma tell you like this
Come on
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

Make a mess (Make a mess)
Make a mess (Make a mess)
Fifty thousand ones
Fuck up the whole club
They thought we was done
Bring the rest (Brrt)
Make a mess (Come on)
Make a mess (Come on, yeah)
Fifty thousand ones
Fuck up the whole club
Make a mess (Make a mess)
Make a mess (Make a mess)
They thought we was done (Come on)
Fuck up the whole club
Make a mess

Pull up to the club at 1:30, fuck up a whole thirty
Blow it ’cause we bird serving (For real)
Pull up, we got curb service
I don’t see these niggas no more, I do it third person
I’m up while the birds chirping
Chill while them bitches circle
Baby, I got long paper
Check like a ball player (Let’s go)
Fall in the club, throw it all, change the wallpaper
Please don’t get us started, turn these floors to green carpet (Come on)
Pull up, leave them bitches running, we don’t need no valet parking (Ayy)
Ayy, now what’s next?
We got them Lambos, put up them ‘Vettes (Vroom, vroom)
Count up a mill’ ticket, I ain’t break a sweat (Break a sweat)
We goin’ up on ’em, board a jet (Board a jet)
Ayy (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)

Make a mess
Make a mess
Fifty thousand ones (Brrt)
Fuck up the whole club (Brrt)
They thought we was done
Bring the rest


Song: Intro
Artist: G.T. Ft.Pooh Beatz
Album: Owe It To Myself (2023)
Music: Pooh Beatz & Tommy Parker

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