Intro Lyrics by Humble Soles, Reuben Vincent, RJAE & Huey V, from the album “Humble Soles“, music has been produced by Jeff Shum & KaveMan, and Intro song lyrics are penned down by Reuben Vincent, RJAE, Huey V, DJ Clue, Jeff Shum & KaveMa.

Intro Lyrics

Vegas Jones
Man, where I’m from, good dope sell itself
Humble Soles, I stand on it
World famous DJ Clue, Desert Storm, baby
Roc life Familia
Yeah, from the bottom up
The Nation

Huh, I assimilate sinners inside of synagogues to send you to God
Sim, simma keys to the beamer, now we spinnin’ yo’ block (Let’s go)
Build and destroy, pick your poison
Pick which pill you gon’ pop, red or blue?
I set it off like I’m Vivica Fox
Concrete rose, I was picked from the crop
Pick of my litter, we need licks
I pick up my niggas to the day that we figure thеse figures out
Differеnt route I took when winters was shivers, the liquor’s elixir
God body, spitting the scripture
This is a new view, the dollars got blue hues
Keep tools as loose screws
You niggas is loose tooths
In time, I watch ’em fall out
Ho, I’ma ball out
It’s no days off, no time to call out
Emory said we the new classic
My path prophetic, your path is prosthetic
Nigga, we can’t respect it
I swear
My spirit’s panther but my Pumas the preferences, yeah (Cluematti)
Do this with reverence, yeah
This shit is evident, nigga

Yeah, uh, and it’s effortless too
Bitch, I’m the bomb and it’s like kaboom when I step in this booth My niggas is true steppers, the birth of a new era (Haha)
Don’t got time to play, boy, is you Hugh Hefner? (Street)
Do better
And it might take some time, yeah
But I’d rather slow motion than no motion
I’m so focused
Bitch, this right where I belong
My flow strong, on Hulk Hogan I spit straight dope and it’s so potent
It keep the fiends running back
Why you on my dick? Them niggas lumberjacks
They’d probably take my life if they could
Keep it a hunnid stacks
That’s right where my mind be
Head high in the clouds but I’m ten toes on the concrete
Learned a lot of humbleness living right where my moms be
But still keep a clip glued to my hip like we Siamese
Like, nigga, try me, what? (What?)
Running the game in my Pumas like I’m used to the fact that they spreading rumors
Niggas lose and let me tie these up
I hit up Reuben and it’s only right that we do this
I’m all over they Medulla
I’m somethin’ just like a tumor, nigga

I might record this live from the trap
Put my stu’ inside the lab and use the same pad that I break these grams on
Got this bag from my halve, not every time he had somethin’
It ain’t ’bout who made it first, it’s ’bout who made it last longer
Big stepper, big timer
Young nigga, big diamonds
Got this bezel out the mud, but that bitch still shinin’
Treat a dope fiend like twin, see him every single Sun’
But he ain’t mine like step-fathers, yet I still feel responsible for him
How could they pay me for this trauma like the scars on me gorgeous?
Thoroughbred, real nigga nothing fake but the porcelains
Big bitch on my waist’ll make opp act cordial
If you ain’t never take no risk, can’t understand what this cost me

Weighted the world on my shoulders, can’t afford no more losses (Uh-huh)
Two attempt murders last year, who knew I’d take it this far?
Ain’t been on Billboard, but on billboards in my city, I’m God
I slipped through the cracks came through the back
That’s how you take what you want, nigga
Let’s get active, baby


Song: Intro
Artist: Humble Soles, Reuben Vincent, RJAE & Huey V
Album: Humble Soles (2023)
Music: Jeff Shum & KaveMan
Lyrics: Reuben Vincent, RJAE, Huey V, DJ Clue, Jeff Shum & KaveMan

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