Just In Time (Demo) Lyrics by JID & Kenny Mason, music has been produced by Christo & ​monte booker, and Just In Time (Demo) song lyrics are penned by Kenny Mason & JID, Christo & ​monte booker.

Just In Time (Demo) Lyrics


Look, yeah
Time is of the essence, I’m progressively improvin’
Progress and I’m chillin’, you second guess my movements
First to the bullshit
Who tryna hang with me, I brought the nooses
I draw the stainless like you draw conclusions
It’s a ball of confusion
The writings on the wall was all illusion
I got the drip, but your shit all pollution
You brought the- and had another for the audible
All the bullshit aside, boy I got plenty time
I’ve been ready for whatever anytime
From a city where niggas don’t kill in time
In your pockets for nickels, pеnny, dimes
Save your shot, but shit it got minimize
Wе was livin’ by, ma would go inside behind the window, hide
Fee-fi-fo, niggas slide, tryna dodge bullets from a Dodge
God left when the winter came then the summer died
Rain, rain, come another time
I be rappin’ til’ I’m mummified
Tell your favorite rapper it’s pajama time
He a ugly- but a son of mine
It’s over for you but it’s underlined
I go before you with a humble mind
And a stomach round, plus I smell foul
Takin’ big shits from the humble pies

Woke up at six
Pray to a nine, twelve
Was already runnin’ from twelve
A nigga was flyin’
Ayy, I got the time today bitch, I got the time
Ayy, I got the time today bitch, I got the time
Aim at the moon, shoot up the sky
2:45, bought two- new .45’s
Ayy, I got the time today bitch, I got the time
Ayy, I got the time today bitch, I got the time

What a time to be alive
Niggas be alive, niggas on another time
I ain’t gotta lie
Summarize on color time
A lotta color people die
Motherfucker I ain’t sayin’ it did the color lines
And my cousin a killer, kamikaze cool nigga and he…


Song: Just In Time (Demo)
Singer: JID & Kenny Mason
Music: Christo & ​monte booker
Lyrics:Kenny Mason & JID, Christo & ​monte booker

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