just try again ﹤3 Lyrics by Naaz, from the album “Never Have I Ever“, music has been produced by Dylan van Dael & Mark van Bruggen, and just try again ﹤3 song lyrics are penned down by Naaz.

just try again ﹤3 Lyrics

You don’t get to pack your stuff
When the house is on fire
There’s privilege in saying goodbye
So don’t keep it quiet
And I don’t ever wanna go back
But it would’ve been nice to know the day that this memory would end
The time that I would lose

But why should?
Should I let this go?
No you won’t
I’ll just try again
I’ll just try again
I’ll just try again


Song: ​just try again ﹤3
Album: Never Have I Ever (2023)
Singer: Naaz
Music: Dylan van Dael & Mark van Bruggen
Lyrics: Naaz

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