KMT Lyrics by A Boogie wit da Hoodie, latest song 2021, from the album “A Boogie vs Artist” (2021).

KMT Lyrics – A Boogie wit da Hoodie

Ok sheesh
They really got me kissing my teeth
And I ain’t with the internet beef
Nigga I’m a smooth criminal like

Money too long so I gotta stay clean
KMT they got me kissing my teeth
Big ass chain like I’m missing tee please
Niggas do it for the fame till they get put on a tee

Catch a whole stain is you shittin me please
Hit his right hand let the enemy breath
Nigga gon tell stay away from me please I don’t understand why u niggas wanna eat cheese
Might not ever see me lacking, I be on Point like a cactus, member nights we didn’t have

Shit, now the money flipping like gymnastics
Like the KKK got my hoodie on all day, used to wear the same damn jeans like 4 days
Saying how they really miss the old A, Ok
Couple buynese in the cut like a bandaid

If I get mad then they going on a rampage
Niggas get shot every day you’ll be okay
Riding in the back of the maybach, no shade, no roof finna stand up like

They really got me kissing my teeth
I ain’t with the internet beef
Index finger on my thumb like okay
Niggas playing game I swear I won’t play

Slide on my in the rari like oh hey
Niggas only talk online please
They don’t wanna get RIPed

They don’t even know what outside means
Probably spent your whole budget on jeans
Niggas dress like New York niggas, New York niggas dress like me
I been running through the money my nigga I ain’t even break a sweat, like ?


Song: KMT
Artist: A Boogie wit da Hoodie
Album: A Boogie vs Artist (2021)

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