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LALALA Lyrics by Selfmxdebless, from the album “DEATH THEORY“, music has ben produced by YungandDead, and LALALA Song lyrics are penned down by Selfmxdebless.



La, la, la, bitch, I feel like a doll
Creepin’ in the night, ponytails, wreck ’em all
Laughing like it’s funny, yeah, I’ll leave em raw
Bust them doors open, then we’ll let them sleep for so long

La, la, la, goodnight
La, la, la, goodnight
La, la, la, goodnight
La, la, la, goodnight

No motherfucker is willing to bite me, I’ll set him down like he was my pet, uh
Trapping like a trapdoor, cut your skin, make you look like a fishnet, haha
Motherfuckers always saying, I’m by myself too much, I agree with all your texts
Ha, that’s because I love myself and I love creating my death

Death, death, death
Send a knifе through yo’ head
We go body for an body
Guess I’m doing too much
Guеss I’m doing too much
I know I’m fucking crazy, but you can’t beat me up

La, la, la, like a lullaby
Suck my dick, I hate your life
There’s no one in my way, I’ma take over, cannot try
He run up I’ll break him, I’ll kill them then name him
These demons, I hate them, lemme go kill Satan
He tried to take me, he’s too soft like a baby
Damn, I’m so crazy, I’m glad that they hate me
I’m beginning the game different sentences
You bitches constituent, only dissing for attention
They act like Sakura, they loud and they shit talking
When working alone is my only business
I’m like a butler, killing them left and right
Haha goodnight, they passed out in a hearse
You hit me, it don’t hurt
I’m the ripper, now I’m hardcore

La, la, la, goodnight
La, la, la, goodnight
La, la, la, goodnight
La, la, la, goodnight


Album: DEATH THEORY (2022)
Singer: Selfmxdebless
Music: YungandDead
Lyrics: Selfmxdebless

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