Larry’s Diner (Interlude) Lyrics by Larry June, and From the Album “Spaceships On The Blade“, Music has been produced by ​​Sean House, and Larry’s Diner (Interlude) song lyrics are penned down by Larry June & Sean House.

Larry’s Diner (Interlude) Lyrics

Walked in the trap, grabbed the money counter
Got to work, made a couple calls
Switched whips, thinkin white vert
20/20 vision count up
With my eyes closed
Rose gold during the light show
On my white shirt
Papaya with the lemon
Something different
I’m in Honolulu, birds chirpin’
Nice lil breeze, but it’s 82
Pressin’ buttons on the elevator
I’m thinkin’ penthouse
If you thought this shit was just rap, then you April fooled
Baby chose, came with the fee
I gave her a chance
Driving shit right off the lot
Without an advance
Heels clickin’
Bills gettin’ paid
I’m still out the way
Marblеs floors
Benz with the shade but still didn’t changе (keep goin’)
Walked in the diner, tipped the host
Then I took a seat (Welcome in Larry)
Gray sweatpants made by Dior
Midnight T, lighting weed on the balcony
At the Four Seasons, fell asleep getting a back rub
And woke up beastin’
Niggas silly, make another play
Touch another milly
Never slippin’
Gray sweatpants with the full nickel
Eatin’ poke, fresh out the ocean
It’s a great feeling
Still in motion, signing documents for a new building
Still in motion, signing documents for a new building (good job)
They pocket watchin’ from the sidelines
Man, these niggas different


Song: Larry’s Diner (Interlude)
Album: Spaceships On The Blade (2022)
Artist: Larry June
Music: Sean House
Lyrics: Larry June & Sean House

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