Let ’Er Fly Lyrics by Gideon, from the album “MORE POWER. MORE PAIN.“, music has been produced by Randy LeBoeuf, and Let ’Er Fly song lyrics are penned down by Caleb DeRusha.

Let ’Er Fly Lyrics

And looking back over everything that’s happened to you in your life
Aren’t you totally amazed at what you’ve accomplished?

I’m amazed at getting through all that junk, yeah
I’m amazed about that

I imagine the best thing was knowing that you weren’t crazy back then

That’s a good thing, yeah, uh
I think that’s, ha
That’s a good way of looking at it
I wasn’t crazy after all


Song: Let ’Er Fly
Artist: Gideon
Album: MORE POWER. MORE PAIN. (2023)
Music: Randy LeBoeuf
Lyrics: Caleb DeRusha

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