Live From The Gutta Lyrics by DC The Don, from the album “My Own Worst 3nemy“, Produced by ​Tilly & Dee B, and ILY song are written by ​DC The Don, and Live from the gutta song are written by DC The Don.

Live From The Gutta Lyrics – DC The Don

Yeah, Ferragamo white Tee
Niggas OD, comin’ through blastin’
Rick Owens my feet, too exaggerated, nigga stop gassin’
You ain’t really like that, blow your city up, nigga start laughin’ (Haha)
Yeah, niggas too goofy, beat a nigga ass, niggas old fashion
You are not goin’ nigga, niggas not piped, DC everlasting (What?)
Pull off in the gutter, niggas to lit, live broadcasting

Hold on, posted up
My niggas really found yo’ crib and they posted up
Four shots in the back room on that dro shit
Ain’t no surprise, I’m in the bathroom smokin’ dope, bitch

Yes bro, take a guess, bro
Get yo’ head, bro
I’m next, bro
Go take my, ex bro

That’s easy flex, bruh
It don’t matter if you got a motherfuckin’ desk bro
This head shot that pop him in his face, that’s it, he dead, bruh
Hold on, posted up

My niggas really [?] smokin’ dope bitch
Yes bro, take a guess bro
Use your head bro
I’m next bro-
-Lil Daij

Told that bitch get out my face, sheesh
Hold on, posted up
-You know that I’m really up
I ask Brandon, we just made a milli, huh

We in Hollywood hills, that’s a dealie, bruh
[?] I’ma be on it
I got a brand hellcat with a D on it
I got them VVs diamonds right up on my motherfuckin’ neck, watch a young nigga ski on it


Song: Live From The Gutta
Artist: DC The Don
Album: My Own Worst 3nemy (2022)
Produced by: Tilly & Dee B
Written by: ​DC The Don

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