Living Proof (That It Hurts) Lyrics by glaive, from the album “a bit of a mad one“, and Living Proof (That It Hurts) song lyrics are penned down by glaive.

Living Proof (That It Hurts) Lyrics

It’s honestly disgusting, I blame all of my shortcomings on people that I’m in love with, it hurts
I’m doing things I probably shouldn’t, but fuck it, I guess, who wouldn’t?
Put a shotgun in my mouth, somehow it shot me in the foot and thought that I could, guess that I couldn’t, it hurts
By now I’ve regained my composure, “It gets worse as you get older,” at least that’s what someone told me
Who am I to disagree? I’m living proof and it hurts, it hurts
I was on Meth in Copenhagen, everything good comes in phases, then it’s every noise is grating
Everyone wants you sedated, but they’re too pussy to say it, it hurts
My family thinks I’m pushing through it but I’m not, I’m just not man enough to do it
Terrifiеd it won’t improve and who am I but living proof that it hurts? It hurts (It hurts), it hurts

Tell me that it (Doеs not), get better, bro, sto—


Song: Living Proof (That It Hurts)
Artist: ​glaive
Album: ​a bit of a mad one (2024)

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