Locked In Lyrics by Blac Youngsta ft. Lil Jairmy & Rylo Rodriguez, from the album “4LIFE“, latest song 2022, music has been given by ZachOnTheTrack & Tahj Money, and Locked In song lyrics are penned down by Tahj Money, Rylo Rodriguez, Lil Jairmy, Dee Mula & Blac Youngsta.

Locked In Lyrics

(Tahj Money)
You pussy ass niggas know what time it is
Nigga, when I step in the booth (Gang, gang)
Even when I step in the streets too, pussy
You know what the fuck up, you know I’m the truth (Swear to God)
Don’t play dumb, pussy (I don’t need no charge)
Act like you got sense

I be shooting out here, car did I drive
‘Cause I bought my shit (Skrrt)
Walk him down with this chopstick, he can’t slide
I caught that bitch (Grr)
Left an opp head bent over in this ride
For talking shit (Pussy)
You know I ain’t gon’ play by my lil’ guys
We spark and shit (Gang, gang, gang)
I can’t even lie, I ain’t been the same since I lost my nigga, G (Yeah, yeah)
That’s my dawg out Memphis, cutthroat retarded, he was just like mе (They took my dawg)
That’s the reason I don’t sprеad no opp today, that shit’ll bother me
I put extendos on my Glock every time, it fuck up your airdrie
Red got out from facing like twenty-something years
So they took him right back off the streets (Free Red)
I’ma make his bond, I don’t really give a fuck what it cost
I’ma let my dawg back off the leash (Yeah, yeah)
I know some young niggas love me to death
They’ll die by me, they’ll rob my me (Gang, gang, gang, gang)
I know some bad bitches fuck with me
‘Cause that shit a hunnid they be tossing me (Pussy)
Heaven count, we loyal, boy, you dumb, you think ’bout crossing me (We loyal)
4PF my fam and I fuck with Baby, that boy, he ride for me (Four pockets full)
CMG, we like irony, I keep them shots with me (Gang, gang)
I ain’t need no nigga ’round with me ’cause them niggas didn’t rock with me (Gang, gang, gang)


Song: Locked In
Album: 4LIFE
Singer: Blac Youngsta ft. Lil Jairmy & Rylo Rodriguez
Music: ZachOnTheTrack & Tahj Money
Lyrics: Tahj Money, Rylo Rodriguez, Lil Jairmy, Dee Mula & Blac Youngsta

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