Lonely Lyrics by DaBaby & Lil Wayne, music has been produced by DJ K.i.D, Pilfinger & Benjamin Lasnier, and Lonely song lyrics are penned down by Pilfinger, Benjamin Lasnier, DJ K.i.D, DaBaby & Lil Wayne.

Lonely Lyrics

Caught up in my feelings, I’ll f*ck around and kill another ni**a
You ain’t even gotta push me, how I’m feelin’ now
I been havin’ mood swings like a Gemini
I can use the murder for therapy
I can make the news with it, break the internet
Have ‘em all nervous and scared of me
Then get away sneaky clean, never seen a thing (K.i.D)
I got fourty-four F&N bullets and twenty-five thousand stuffed in these Amiri jeans
Damn, look at what happened to hip-hop
He at the GRAMMYs and still got that shit cocked
Pull out the camera with me and my bitch out
And take a picture, ain’t a hatin’ ni**a in the world out here f*ckin’ with big John
Knock his brains out if he got it on his mind

Lonely, lonely baby
Lonely, lonely baby
A lonely, lonely baby (Lonely)
Lonely, lonely baby (Lonely, baby)
Lonely, lonely baby
A lonely, lonely baby (K)

As if I got a reason to act like I’m lonely
I saw my big brother laid out with his brains blown out
It’s been catchin’ up on me
Shit, how would you act if your bro took his life?
And you know that you rappin’ like all of these ni**as
And you don’t even trap and you livin’ your life
The best you ever had just to see it come crashin’, I’m burnin’
You don’t know the feeling
In the car with a bottle of liquor, a pistol, a lonely killer
Ain’t no love at the top, just a lonely ni**a
Ain’t no love at the bottom either
All these blood-suckin’ leeches and bottom feeders
All these sores on our feet ’cause we over-steppin’
He just caught his first one, so you know he reppin’
He just a lonely, lonely baby (Yeah), baby
Peter Piper picked the pepper
I pulled a stick out, hit him, then I left him
She pulled my dick out, hit her on the dresser
We f*cked my aggression out
She like a pretzel how I fold her up and put it in her
She f*ckin’ a lonely ni**a that’s a killer, ni**a
(That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby, K.i.D)

Hmm, it’s Weezy Baby, at the top, it’s lonely
Got choppers on me, can’t stop the moment
I just popped a soma and now I’m calmer
All that body armor got you hot, I’m warmin’
And it ain’t gon’ help you more than I’m gon’ harm you
Outchea by myself rollin’ like an Army
f*ck her by herself, f*ck her with her homies
I’on need nobody, I’on see no solids
Ba-ba-ba-ba-bap, till I’on see nobody
Come and see about it, I bet you see a rivalry
On Giovanni’s and I bet this pipe knock the Peter out him
Better pick a pepper, all my little devils hide from here to Heaven
Better get a reverend, bet his momma cry when she hear the reverend
Shots hit the reverend, better get a extra with your lonely ass
On your OnlyFans, you your only fan
You gon’ die a stripper, wasn’t born to dance
f*cked a thousand ni**as, I’m the only man let you stay lonely
Let you skate on it, let you play on it, then lay on it & cuddle on it
MJ on ’em, like you are not alone

Lonely, lonely baby (Baby)
Lonely, lonely baby
A lonely, lonely baby (Lonely, lonely, lonely)
Lonely, lonely baby (Lonely, lonely, lonely)
Lonely, lonely baby
A lonely, lonely baby (You are not alone)


Song: Lonely
Artist: DaBaby & Lil Wayne
Music: DJ K.i.D, Pilfinger & Benjamin Lasnier
Lyrics: Pilfinger, Benjamin Lasnier, DJ K.i.D, DaBaby & Lil Wayne

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