Long Long Long Lyrics by Kate Davis, from the album “Fish Bowl“, music has been produced by Kate Davis & Tim Bright, and Long Long Long song lyrics are penned down by Kate Davis & Oli Deakin.

Long Long Long Lyrics

It’s been four thousand one hundred thirty-eight days
That I’ve lived here, approximate
And one thousand one hundred weeks

Since I heard that Barenaked Ladies song
That one that makes you think
It wouldn’t be long

I think about moving
How to achieve happiness
But I’m a whirling
An unhinged, a dervish
Who’s pinned down, down
A butterfly
Who’s pinned down, down
A butterfly

Like it or not I dance on my own
To that Kylie Minogue song
The one that brings me down
To my knees

Oh, please, give me privacy
But don’t leave me alonе
I wanna be grown
Grown up in a home with somebody to find a homе in
It’s been three hundred thirty-six hours
It’s not the last time

But when I hear
That mid range moan
In our favorite failure song
The one that makes me think
It’s gonna be long

Long, long, long
Long, long, long
Long, long, long


Song: Long Long Long
Artist: Kate Davis
Album: Fish Bowl (2023)
Music: Kate Davis & Tim Bright
Lyrics: Kate Davis & Oli Deakin

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