​Lord of the Upside Down Lyrics by Spite, and From the Album “Dedication to Flesh“.

Lord of the Upside Down Lyrics

Curse this earth
Apprehend it by the neck
Shove its face down in shit so it can learn its lesson
Punish the world
Make them pay
Cut them down so they fall to their knees

Undying state of decay
Suffer for eternity

Punish the world
Make them pay
In their undying state of decay
No status
No hierarchy
Erase their fucking names

I will punish the world

Consumed with contempt in my pursuit for retribution
No need for disciples, unlike you
I don’t need a following to validate my virtues
A slave obeys, I pave my own way

I can no longer withstand the sight of my creation
Spiral into darkness
I paint a brand a new vision
Wounds open and sore, I seek my retribution
Returned from the ground
I am the Lord of the Upside Down

Disemboweled by the vultures
Endless feast for the crows
Maggots swarm but you’ll never fully decompose
Suffer for eternity

Suffer for eternity


Song: Lord of the Upside Down
Album: Dedication to Flesh (2022)
Artist: Spite

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