Lost in a Dream (Interlude) Lyrics by iayze & ​mixed matches, music has been produced by mixed matches & Youforia,  from the album “Reverence” and Lost in a Dream (Interlude) song lyrics are penned down by iayze & ​mixed matches.

Lost in a Dream (Interlude) Lyrics

I could just let you sit back and listen
But instead I’ma let you decipher what’s around you, you know
I don’t wanna see your face
Your surroundings can make you successful, but you pussy ass motherfuckers wanna judge a nigga
I feel like we could make shit better if you didn’t let go of the [?]
And try to become the one that makes ’em
It could make you above all your secrets, instead of going searching for the willingness in life
You could probably make do with what you have
And you tear down like you dictate, ain’t no dictatin’ shit but in Russia if you catch my drift
And I could slide on this bitch speaking of drift
But I’d rather sit back and let the words let you know where your mental stand
I know even though you don’t like me you here listening
So you gotta hear what I gotta disclaim
For that will make you come to a realization
That before the [?] you’ll die before you turn snake
So why you changin’ colors?
For you to be human or not a serpent, a servant of the devil, what amazing
It’s real murder work shit
I done seen the trials and tribulations
I’m gonna let mixed matches talk to you though

Lost to see, through me
Say you are lost to me
Lonely [?]
Cause you feel love, and it’s not mine
Then I told you [?]
I love you [?]
It’s another part of me
Almost in the [?]
I don’t know if I can stay
To catch a way


Song: Lost in a Dream (Interlude)
Artist: iayze & ​mixed matches
Album: Reverence (2023)
Music: ​mixed matches & Youforia
Lyrics: iayze & ​mixed matches

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