Love Set Lyrics by Guided by Voices, from the album “Nowhere To Go But Up“.

Love Set Lyrics

Watching everybody making racket
Watching everybody having fun
Local master airplane build a rocket
Onion flavored coffee on the run

Walking to the corner with a nun
I block a train

Storybook honey
And not enough money

Not going off to fame school
What’s in a name school

Superseding any metaphysical breed
She finds the love set
Weighing astrological schemes
She fills the need
To build her love set
Love bet
Love net
Love set
Praying hard
For all that you can get

One is the leadеr
Two is the name of the gamе

Hippo belly rabbi
Hippo belly priest
Hippo belly minister

Coming for the feast


Song: Love Set
Artist: Guided by Voices
Album: Nowhere To Go But Up (2023)

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